Get the scoop on Swap Ts ™

How do I order t-shirts and patches?

How many patches are there to choose from?

We have over 80 currently, and are always adding more. Come back often to see what's new!

What are the patches made of and how big are they?

The patches are white twill circles, 2.5” in diameter.

How does Swap Ts ™ make the patches?

We create the original design for each patch then digitize them. Designs are embroidered directly onto the 100% cotton twill backing using high-durability thread for heavy use and washing. Patches are edged with the same high-durability thread.

How do the patches attach to the t-shirts?

With Velcro. Patches have the hooked backing sewn on, and the t-shirts have the loop side firmly sewn on. (We think the rrrrripping sound of a patch being pulled off is satisfying to the extreme. Rrrrrreally.)

What are the t-shirts made of?

Our shirts are 100% cotton.

What sizes and colors are available for the t-shirts?

T-shirts sizes are available from Youth XS to Youth XL. We have red and navy blue. Additional colors are possible in the future. 

What if I want to order for an entire event or birthday party?

Then you're in for a VERY happy group of kids. Send us a message and we can assemble a custom Party Pack just for you.

Can I get a custom-made patch?

Yes! Please contact us for details and pricing.

How long does it take to get my order?

Orders typically process in 3–5 business days.

What if I need to make a return?

If you’re not happy, we're not happy. Return your order and we'll make it right.

What if I just want you to make me some cookies?

We're pretty famous for our cookies...if you live close by, you might just get lucky.

What’s the best way to contact Swap Ts ™?

Email or phone calls work best to reach us.

How old are Swap Ts ™ kids?

Swap Ts™ is designed for kids Pre-K through 2nd grade. We do have an 81-year-old enthusiast too, so Swap Ts™ is for anyone!

Can I put the shirts and patches in the laundry?

You bet. Our patches (and shirts) are machine washable and dryer friendly. We recommend turning the shirts inside out so the Velcro doesn't snag on other fabric.